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Grannie Annie, Vol. 15, includes
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," illustration shown above,
was written by Benjamin Nathan
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The setting of each story is
noted after its title. In
cases where the exact year
is not known, “c.” (circa)
indicates that the year given
is approximate.

An asterisk (*) preceding a story title indicates the story is illustrated.


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Vol. 15

Please note that the copyrighted stories and illustrations shared below appear here with permission of the authors and illustrators. They may be copied and/or printed for limited classroom or personal use. To reprint a story and/or illustration in an article about The Grannie Annie, please contact The Grannie Annie Family Story Celebration for permission.


1. The Original Mountain Man (early 1800s) by Brock Mitchell Roberts; Missouri, USA
It was 1803, and a mountain man named John Colter saw an advertisement by Meriwether Lewis and William . . .

2. The Walk Back Home (1865) by Blaney Blizzard; North Carolina, USA
Confederate soldiers who were captured by the Union Army during the U.S. Civil War were often housed in . . .

3. The Reunion (c. 1895, 1910) by August Hromadka; Missouri, USA
Before World War I, my great-great-grandparents Mary and Theodore lived in a small village in Ukraine. . . .

4. Guarding the Holy Shabbos (1906) by Laylay Weinberg; New York, USA
Why would a sixteen-year-old have to sleep on a park bench?! My great-great-grandfather Rabbi Shalom . . .

5. The Sugar Baroness of The Hill (1920s) by Sophia Sikes; Missouri, USA
This is a story of the Consolino family, as told by their granddaughter Jean Hutchinson. Their story had never . . .

6. A Brave Girl (c. 1930) by Elena R. Webb; Ohio, USA
My great-great-grandma Nancy Young was a little girl who lived in Tennessee near the mountains during the . . .

*7. The Birthday Wish (1937) by Ben Oetjen; Missouri, USA
Kids in 2020 might look forward to a hoverboard or a video game for their birthday. Some might even wish for . . .

8. Fred’s Decision (c. 1937) by Allison Winkeler; Missouri, USA
“Mommy, why don’t we have any food?” a small child asked his mother outside Progress Mercantile, a local . . .

9. The Lucky Escape (1939–1940) by Judah Weitzman; New York, USA
My great-grandmother Ruthie Small was a little girl in 1939. She was living in Czechoslovakia in a wonderful . . .

10. Railroad (1940s) by Magdalene Gilbertson; Ohio, USA
As a kid in Philadelphia in the 1920s and 1930s, my great-grandma Ruth Hilger looked for adventure. . . .

11. A Child’s Nightmare (1944) by Milan Oosthuizen; Colorado, USA
It was 1944. I had just turned five and was full of energy, my mind full of interesting thoughts. . . .

*12. The Pawfect Dog Walker (1944) by Matis Kahn; New York, USA
Many things are different today from the way they were in 1944, when my great-uncle Harold was a child. . . .

13. A New Beginning (1945) by Olivia Young; Missouri, USA
It was Indiana — late spring, 1945. My grandma Shirley was five years old when her life changed forever. . . .

14. Freedom (c. 1945) by David Jen; New Jersey, USA
I still remember that dreadful day — the day when I ran miles and miles across China. I was still sleeping when . . .

15. Bull’s Eye (c. 1952) by Benny Bierman; Missouri, USA
One summer day in the early 1950s, in my hometown of Dayton, Tennessee, my brother Ronnie and I were . . .

16. The Back Seat (c. 1958) by Beckett Anderson; Missouri, USA
It was 1958, I was eleven, and my family was preparing for our one and only family vacation for the year. . . .

17. Sliding Away in the Early ’60s (c. 1960) by Hunter Beckmann; Missouri, USA
One excellent and fresh summer day in 1960 Syracuse, New York, ten-year-old John, his brother Lewis . . .

*18. Ridge on the Bridge (1960) by Benjamin Nathan Mark; New York, USA
In the spring of 1960, in Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia (modern-day Zambia), my sabba (my grandfather) had . . .

19. The Border of Berlin (1971, 1990) by Adeline Edwards; New Jersey, USA
I crossed over to East Berlin to talk with theology professor Heinrich Fink. He was a nice man who claimed to . . .

20. Crossed Paths (c. 1980) by Carolista Walsh; North Carolina, USA
Here’s the story of how my grandma emotionally connected with a young child that she didn’t know — who . . .

*21. From Lincoln to Cadillac (1984) by Sara Naylor; Alabama, USA
It was 1984 in Headland, Alabama. Flowers were sprouting from the ground, and the air was warm with the joy . . .

22. A Day in Whale’s Tale (1992) by Clive Besen; Colorado, USA
You may have thought some of your ancestors had it hard, but I bet it is nothing compared to what my mom . . .

23. The 78th Floor (2001) by Jake Bench; New York, USA
It was a beautiful Tuesday in September. Everyone woke up for work. My cousin Ari Schonbrun worked at . . .


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