The Grannie Annie welcomes
—and desires to receive and
publish—family stories and
story illustrations from
students of every race,
ethnicity, national origin,
religion, and creed.

See the April 2013 issue of
"The Reading Teacher" for
more reasons to include
The Grannie Annie in your
writing curriculum! Or request
a pdf copy.

Grannie Annie author at book signing

Grannie Annie author at book signing

Grannie Annie author at book signingGrannie Annie authors have
an opportunity to strengthen
family bonds, hone their
writing skills, and deepen
their appreciation of history.
Please see the Guidelines
for details.

"Saving Tampa" illustration by Madison Nowotny: Can of soup with label that reads "Phoebe's Soup Kitchen-Soup for the soul."
Students are encouraged
to submit an illustration
to accompany their family
story. Please see the
Guidelines for details. For more
information, see the resource
"The Artist's Guide to Being
Published by The Grannie

Without a doubt, you and
others will enjoy and
appreciate your Grannie
Annie story. If having your
story selected for publication
by The Grannie Annie is
another of your goals, you
may want to consult The
Writer's Guide to Being
Published by The Grannie

For information on how
The Grannie Annie protects
the privacy and guards the
safety of student authors
and illustrators please see
The Privacy Policy of
The Grannie Annie Family
Story Celebration




































































Submit Stories to The Grannie Annie

Students in U.S. grades 4 through 8, and homeschooled or international students 9 through 14 years old: You are invited to submit a story to The Grannie Annie!

Please follow The Grannie Annie Official Guidelines and submit a story from your family's history — a story from before your birth. Stories can be humorous, tragic, or inspirational; they can be stories of courage, adventure, or anything you find interesting about your family’s past. You may also submit an illustration to accompany your story.


Submission Categories

Stories and illustrations will be considered in two categories: U.S. grades 4–5 and 6–8. Stories and illustrations submitted by homeschooled or international students 9–14 years of age will be considered in the category that corresponds with the student's age.


Submission Fee

There is no fee for submitting your work to The Grannie Annie.



The Grannie Annie annual story submission deadline is February 1. Mailed story submissions must be postmarked on or before this date. E-mailed story submissions must be sent on or before this date.

You (or someone else who meets the grade/age requirements of The Grannie Annie) may submit a drawing that illustrates your story. The annual illustration submission deadline is March 1. Illustration submissions must be postmarked on or before this date. Illustrations must be mailed rather than e-mailed.


Guidelines for Submission

Be sure to follow The Grannie Annie Official Guidelines so that your story and/or illustration can be considered for publication.


Submission Form

The Grannie Annie Submission Form must accompany your story and/or illustration.


Note to Teachers Outside the United States

Please note the additional options available for international submissions.


Submission Information for Teachers

Teachers who are submitting their students' work must include their students' completed and signed Submission Forms plus one copy of The Grannie Annie Teacher Submission Form. If submitting by e-mail, please scan and attach the students' signed Submission Forms and use the e-mail version of the Teacher Submission Form. The information provided on these forms will facilitate communication regarding students' submissions and recognition.


Honoring the Authors and Artists

Taking part in The Grannie Annie Family Story Celebration brings many rewards: You’ll learn something new about your family's history, develop a stronger connection with the earlier generations of your family, and hone your writing skills. In addition, you’ll produce an important story that preserves a piece of your family’s history — a story that you can share with your family, your school, and your community.

In the spirit of celebration, each year some of the stories and illustrations submitted to The Grannie Annie are selected for publication. Authors of stories published in the paperback and PDF books receive two complimentary copies of the paperback book that includes their work. All selected stories are published on this website along with the authors' names. Artists whose illustrations are selected for publication are credited in the books and on this website. Published artists who are not also published authors receive one complimentary copy of the paperback book.


Announcement of Selections

The stories and illustrations that are selected for publication are announced on this website in early to mid-April, along with the authors' and artists' names. In addition, the authors and artists of selected works are notified via e-mail.


Writing Assistance

There are many resources available to help you write the best story you can write. You may find it helpful to read the stories that have already been published by The Grannie Annie. The stories are available on this website and in book form. In addition, at the bottom of this page you will find links to several "Resources for Writing" to help you with writing your Grannie Annie story.

While your story must be written by you, you are encouraged to ask your friends to read and comment on your work. You may ask teachers or parents to do the same. Then decide what changes, if any, you want to make.

Grannie Annie stories written in a language other than English may be translated by someone other than the author.


Resources: The Grannie Annie in the Classroom and Beyond

We offer a variety of resources to enhance your Grannie Annie writing experience and complement your curriculum. Click below to open, or find out more about each resource on the Resources page.


Resources for Writing
Resources for Classrooms
Resources for Enrichment


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